Hi, my name is Greg. Sometimes they call be Bot, but that's another story. I am always on the look-out for THE perfect image. Perhaps you can help me find it! The path for me and my dSLR camera is long, and I intend to take advantage of every opportunity that I pass along my journey to creative bliss.

I photograph many subjects that capture my interest; for example Lifestyle, Portraits, Commercial and Editorial pieces. This also includes virtually anything exciting under the sun. landscapes, bands, ladybugs, bmx, weddings, actors, youth culture, skydiving, flowers, celebrities, laughter, exotic foods, skateboarding, moustaches, cute animals, cars, smiles, extremely small miniture things, fashion, etc...

If you like my imagery, check me out on the social interwebz. Infact, lets chat! Send me an email and I will use use my magic to make your dreams come true.


Your Friend,
Greg Cheng